ଆଚାର୍ଯ୍ୟ ହରିହର ସ୍ନାତକୋତ୍ତର କର୍କଟ ରୋଗ ପ୍ରତିଷ୍ଠାନ,କଟକ

Acharya Harihar Post Graduate Institute of Cancer, Cuttack

Common Services


In AHRCC , As Ambulance is a vehicle equipped for taking the serious patients & immobile patients for their regular ckeckups & tests.

Our aim is :

  • To provide Emeregency Ambulance Service free of cost to the all the patients.

  • To provide round the clock ambulance services i.e 24*7*365 days.

Special Function of our Ambulance :

  • We are manned by specially trained Medical Technicians in the ambulance.

  • If recqiured the trained medical technicians can seek medical advice from highly trained doctors sitting in the hospital round the clock.


On the occasion of " World Health Day i.e 7 April,2018 ", Our Honourable Minister of Health & Family Welfare introduced for the first time in Odisha inagurated the telemedicine facility in AHRCC.

The telemedicine facility is used to :

  • To overcome distance barriers between Patients & Doctors.

  • To improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in the distant rural communities.

  • To save lives in critical care & emergency situations.

  • To connect with the patients living in far places through many forms of connecting devices.


On 01 May,2015 with the support of OMSC Ltd. we have started the " NIRAMAYA " System .

The Merits of NIRAMAYA Scheme :

  • To dispense free anticancer drugs to all our beneficiars.

  • Investigations are being done free to BPL category patients.

  • Poor patients who do not have insurance, the treatment is being rendered free through OSTF & CMRF scheme.

Through NIRAMAYA Scheme, Distribution of Anti-Cancer Drugs to the Hematology Department of other Hospitals :

  • SCB Medical College , Cuttack , Odisha , INDIA

  • VIMSAR , Burla , Sambalpur , Odisha , INDIA

  • MKCG Medical College , Brahmapur , Odisha , INDIA

  • Capital Hospital , Bhubaneshwar , Odisha , INDIA

  • Other District Chemotherapy Centers , Odisha , INDIA


In AHRCC , The Library or Medical Library is to portray levels to which library services for patients should aspire upon.

The Medical Library are typically designed to :

  • It assists physicians,health professionals,students in finding health & scientific information to improve,update,assess,or evaluate health care.

  • It also assists patients,consumers,medical researchers,and information specialists in finding health & scientific information to improve,update,assess,or evaluate health care.

  • They have been organized so that they can be used to simply to identify the essential features of these services.

  • These Medical Library are specially for the Medical Colleges , Medical Schools , & Medical Institutions


In 21 Jan,2018 , Our Honourable Minister of Health & Family Welfare inagurated a 4-Storyed Drug Ware House Building at the cost of 3.46 crores for the Preservation of Costly Cancer Medicines in a Good Climatic Condition as per the Enviroment.

This Drug Ware House are specially designed for storage of Drugs in order to :

  • Avoid contamination or deterioration of the Drugs.

  • Avoid disfiguration of labels of the Drugs.

  • Maintain integrity of packaging and so guarantee quality and potency of drugs during shelf life.

  • Prevent or reduce pilferage, theft or losses of the Drugs from Drug Ware House.

  • Prevent infestation of pests and vermin to the Drugs.

  • Maintain the temperature which is suitable for the preservation of Drugs from Spoiling.


In AHRCC , The Pediatric Ward Generally Deals with the Little Childrens those who are suffering from Cancer

The Pediatric Ward are typically designed to :

  • To support the mission, vision and goals of AHRCC

  • Collaboration with our interdisciplinary team to provide optimal care for the patients and families of children with cancer.

  • Promotes and deliver respectful, family centered care to the families and patients at AHRCC.

  • Provide comprehensive quality care to children in a cost-effective manner.


With the Recommendation of WAHI Committee , AHRCC started its first Day Care Unit on 23 Jan,2018 for successfully catering the cancer patients of Odisha , Andra Pradesh , Chattisgarh , West Bengal , Bihar & Jaharkand

Our aim is :

  • To Provide Clinical Treatment , Assessment & Maintenance of the patients in particularly though not exclusively those who are mentally ill or elderly or having learning Difficulties.