ଆଚାର୍ଯ୍ୟ ହରିହର ସ୍ନାତକୋତ୍ତର କର୍କଟ ରୋଗ ପ୍ରତିଷ୍ଠାନ,କଟକ

Acharya Harihar Post Graduate Institute of Cancer, Cuttack


The Department of Pathology acts as the gateway to the cancer centre. Its role on the diagnosis of cancer, subjects the patients to various treatment modalities and follow-up.Besides the hospital laboratory services its staff participate in various Cancer Detection Camps.

Pathology Has Several Sections :

  • Histopathology

  • Cytology

  • Hematology

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Biochemical Pathology

  • Microbiology

This department is facilitated with the studies of Cytology, Histology, Biochemical, Hematology, Clinical pathology, Bone-marrow basing on Standard treatment protocols.

Meet Our Team

Sl No. Position Person in Position Contact Details Photo
1 Professor & HOD Dr. Sagarika Samantaray ssamantaray01@gmail.com
Mob :- 9437036596
2 Associate Professor Dr. Sasmita Panda drsasmitapanda@gmail.com
Mob :- 9437227111
3 Assistant Professor Dr. Kusumbati Besra drkusumbesra17@gmail.com
Mob :- 8280234642
4 Senior Resident Dr. Bagmi Mishra bagmimishra1985@gmail.com
Mob :- 9437356812
5 Senior Resident Dr. Subhransu Ku. Hota subhhota1985@gmail.com
Mob :- 8270928013
6 Senior Resident Dr. Arpita Pandia arpitapandia@gmail.com
Mob :- 9438676808
7 Assistant Professor Dr. Krushna Chandra Pani Mob :- 9670950492
8 Assistant Professor Dr. Mamata Nayak Mob :- 9438244276
9 Assistant Professor Dr. Snigdha Rani Nayak Mob :- 9438334389
10 Senior Resident Dr. Laxmi Triya Mob :- 8895383070
11 Senior Resident Dr. Bidyut Prava Satapathy Mob :- 9937108402
12 Senior Resident Dr. Prajna Paramita Samal Mob :- 7873857340

Clinical Activities

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Research Publications

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